TriYoga Boston is a community run non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and sharing the teachings of TriYoga in the belief that TriYoga practices promote greater physical health, mental clarity, and deeper understanding of universal truths. TriYoga Boston aspires to create a supportive community that welcomes and inspires participation, and fosters personal and spiritual growth and healing. It does this by offering classes, training teachers, expanding the knowledge and practice of therapeutic yoga, and supporting TriYoga International and its projects.


The first TriYoga center in Waltham opened in May 2000 at 25 Spring Street, Waltham, MA.  It was a small and serene space.  In June 2008 we became a non-profit 501(3)(c) corporation, and started looking for a larger center to support our growing community.

We looked at many places, and saw potential in 60 Prospect St., Waltham. Can you see what we saw in this large space that had been vacant 3 years?  


Center Construction

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In May 2011, TriYoga Boston moved into a new home at 60 Prospect Street, Waltham.  The new center is a beautiful, serene, handicap accessible oasis with a meditation garden, reception area with tea station, a meditation room and 2 spacious studios overlooking the garden.  In addition to all levels of TriYoga classes, we are now offering children’s classes, chair classes, and yoga for healing. The focus of the new center is on therapeutic yoga. In September 2011 a RYS 500 Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher training will be offered.  


Serving Waltham, Newton, Lexington, Wayland, Watertown and the greater Boston area with yoga classes, therapeutic yoga, and yoga teacher training.