60 Prospect Street, Waltham, MA


All Pricing:

New Students** $25 for 5 classes  
Drop-in $17  
Monthly Auto Renew $130/$115* month 6 month contract – $10/class (3x/wk)
Monthly $140 / $125* $12.50/classs (3x/wk)
Yearly $1200/$1100* $8/ class 3x/wk (50 weeks); $12/class for 2x/week
5-class pass** $75 / $65* $15/class; Expires in 3 months
10-class pass** $140 / $125* $14/$13 class; Expires in 6 months
20-class pass** $240/$220* $12/class; Expires in 1 year

* Seniors (65+), students, military, veterans

**These passes may be shared with family members

Sliding Scale – pay what you can. As a non-profit our first priority is to serve our community. However, we cannot continue to serve if we cannot pay our bills.

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Work Study is also available. Unlimited classes in exchange for approximately 3 hours per week. 

We need help with the following:

  • Website maintenance
  • Graphic design (flyers, brochures, schedules, etc)
  • Marketing  (posting classes and events etc.)
  • Social Media Management – someone to take charge of our social medial presence
  • Building Maintenance (we need someone to fix the curtain in the first studio, and replace the plexiglass on the door)