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Food as Medicine – Diet for environmental sustainability, human and animal health

Food as Medicine – Diet for environmental sustainability, human and animal health

The plain fact of the matter is, the omnivore diet is not healthy for humans, animals or the environment.  It is becoming more and more evident that meat production in the US is not environmentally sustainable. Fortune Magazine, NPR, and others have reported on Bill Gates’ investment in Beyond Meat, a company creating a vegan meat substitute. The market apparently is attracting a lot of attention and investment, as the evidence in mounting that meat production is not environmentally sustainable.

Animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, more than the combined exhaust from all transportation. Livestock and their byproducts account for 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.

The water required for meat production is clearly unsustainable giving the water scarcity now being experienced globally.  Growing feed crops for livestock consumes 56% of water in the US.  2,500 gallons of water are needed to produce 1 pound of beef.  477 gallons of water are required to produce 1lb. of eggs.  Almost 900 gallons of water are needed for 1lb. of cheese. 1,000 gallons/liters of water are required to produce 1 gallon/liter of milk. This water usage is not an efficient use of our precious resources and is not sustainable.

Beyond Meat believes that they will succeed with a vegan chicken that costs less to produce than chicken, uses far less water, is less wasteful and more healthy than animal based proteins.

If you’re concerned about environmental sustainability, changing to a plant-based diet will do far more than driving a Prius.  Want to learn more?  Attend our upcoming workshop
Food as Medicine, April 25-26.

brahmi Gold-Bernstein

Director of TriYoga Boston, senior TriYoga Teacher, certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT), E-RYT 500. Practicing yoga since 1975, teaching since 1982. I met Yogini Kaliji in 1993 at the Unity in Yoga 100 year celebration of Vivekananda bringing yoga to America. It was a mudra class and I felt the energy immediately. I have personally experienced the healing and transformative power of TriYoga and witnessed it work its magic for so many others. After a high tech career of 25 years, including authoring 3 books, I now devote myself to ensuring the knowledge of TriYoga is available to those who seek it.

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