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Beth (Brahmi) Gold-Bernstein, Director TriYoga Boston, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT

Brahmi has been practicing yoga since 1976, began teaching in 1982, and began her magical, mystical, and transformative journey with TriYoga in 1993. Brahmi is a senior TriYoga instructor and Teacher Trainer, runs the Waltham teacher training program, and leads yearly international yoga retreats. She has assisted Kaliji in workshops nationally and internationally, and continues to study with Kaliji and contribute to the continuing development of TriYoga training programs.

Lorrie Jacobsohn, RN, MSN, PMHCNS-BC, APHN-BC, E-RYT500, C-IAYT

Lorrie is a Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist and an Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse in the Massachusetts General Hospital.  She was previously in the Emergency Department and is now working in the Substance Abuse clinic. Lorrie is Co-Director of the TriYoga Therapeutics Training Program at TriYoga Boston. She has expertise in crisis intervention, trauma, psychiatric and mental health issues.

Joanne Hidaka Niedermeyer (Jyoti Ananda), E-RYT 500

Joanne Hidaka Niedermeyer (Jyoti Ananda) Joanne has been practicing yoga since 1990 and TriYoga since 1993. She has been a certified TriYoga teacher since 1998 and teaches Basics thru Level 3 at the TriYoga Boston Center in Waltham, MA.

Ruth Landsman, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT

Ruth Landsman Ruth Landsman has been practicing yoga since 1992 and teaching full time since 2002. She is certified in Basics through Level 2. Besides her classes at TriYoga center in Waltham, Ruth also teaches at other locations in Newton and Waltham. See Yoga2Start for details.

Bill Casey

Bill Casey Bill has been practicing various styles of yoga since 1998 and teaching since 2003. He is certified in TriYoga Basics and Level 1.  Bill is also certified in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.  Bill brings compassion and humor to his classes.

Erica Bronstein

Erica Bronstein has been practicing yoga for more than twenty years and is grateful to have discovered Triyoga in 2005.  She is certified to teach Basics and Level One.

Esther Isenberg

Esther Isenberg Esther has been practicing Yoga since 1982 and TriYoga since she had the honor of meeting Kaliji with Brahmi in 1993.  She has been certified in Basics since February 2001. TriYoga has been grounding and/or uplifting as needed throughout her years of practice.  The practice has been strengthening and nourishing.  She is grateful and honored to have the opportunity of teaching at TriYoga Boston and to share the challenges of life and practice within the TriYoga community. She mindfully notices that breathing together we have woven together a beautiful tapestry of intention and commitment to our highest selves. Esther also teaches at the North Suburban YMCA, the Boston Sports Club Lexington and presents “Yoga in the Light” at Temple Isaiah in Lexington.

Donna Chaput

Donna Chaput is the founder of Awakening Spirit Yoga in Quincy, MA.  Over the past sixteen years Donna has been on her own personal 
journey of discovery and change through a daily yoga practice. She has practiced and taking classes in many styles of yoga over the years. 
Her background and training are in hatha yoga, TriYoga and 5 Element Yoga. She has attended many workshops and seminars related to yoga, 
meditation, chakras, energy medicine and is a Reiki master.  Donna has been a certified hatha yoga instructor since 2002 and a certified 
TriYoga teacher since 2006. Her first love and passion is the flow style of TriYoga.

Wade Kimbrough

Wade discovered TriYoga in 2009. He is a certified Basics instructor and he has been teaching Prana Vidya and meditation since 2011.


Bronwen Heuer

Bronwen Heuer

My first year of college, someone had one of those little books you get in the grocery store check-out lines.  Yoga.  Fascinated, I took the book, rallied the hall women and we all gathered to do yoga. That was 1968. Since then, Yoga has always been a part of my life, and, I think, also the desire to gather others to share in the experience and learn.  My first home practice was  inspired by Jess Stern’s Yoga Youth and Reincarnation.  I never really took a class until I discovered TriYoga at a Sisterhood weekend and I was hooked.  My solitary practice suddenly expanded into a meaningful practice of breath, asana, and kriya flow.  I retired from a professional life of teaching software apps, English as a Second Language, and Spanish, into my encore career of sharing the experience of yoga with the people I meet.