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Snow Day Practice

Snow Day Practice

Snow day practice. Lots of time for flows, pranayama, meditation.

Take the time and space to become present, quiet the thought waves, reconnect with the center of your being – Anandamaya Kosa – the body of bliss. The investment of your time will pay off with more clarity, focus, and inspiration.

Off to practice! Please let us know your experience.

Jaya Guru Devi

Snow day yoga practice : Not the waves - the vastness of the ocean

brahmi Gold-Bernstein

Director of TriYoga Boston, senior TriYoga Teacher, certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT), E-RYT 500. Practicing yoga since 1975, teaching since 1982. I met Yogini Kaliji in 1993 at the Unity in Yoga 100 year celebration of Vivekananda bringing yoga to America. It was a mudra class and I felt the energy immediately. I have personally experienced the healing and transformative power of TriYoga and witnessed it work its magic for so many others. After a high tech career of 25 years, including authoring 3 books, I now devote myself to ensuring the knowledge of TriYoga is available to those who seek it.

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