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TriYoga RYS Teacher Training


TriYoga Boston offers a full RYS 200 Hour Teacher Training Program in Basics, an RYS 300 hour Teacher Training Program which includes Levels 1 and 2, and TriYoga Level 3 training and certification.



To certify to teach TriYoga, one enrolls in the internship program. Enrollment is by level and includes the teaching manual for that level. You must certify in Basics (RYS 200) before progressing to the other levels.

The Certification Handbook includes details on certification requirements, methods to work toward certification, the internship program, certification exam criteria, additional course offerings and professional and business support.

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RYS 200-Hour BasicsTraining Program

In the 200 Hour TriYoga teacher training program you will learn 5 primary TriYoga Basics flow series. 

Training workshops are held approximately one weekend a month.

In four Techniques weekends you will gain a deep understanding of correct alignment, breath control, and precise transitions synchronizing breath and movement. These weekends are appropriate for those who wish to deepen their practice as well as those who wish to teach.

In Methodology you will learn how to adjust students to bring them into correct alignment, how to modify postures for specific student needs, and how to work safely and respectfully with students.

During Practicum you will learn how to provide concise alignment cues in the correct order to keep your students focused and flowing.

The 200 hour training includes subtle anatomy and philosophy with Kaliji, Anatomy, Prana Vidya, Nada Yoga (chanting), and Garden Diet.

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What some of our past graduates have to say:

“Not only did I learn Asanas, Pranayama, Yoga Flows and Meditation from the Triyoga teaching program, I gained the confidence and knowledge of how to teach.” Bill Casey

“TriYoga teacher training is incredibly well organized and thorough.  I had already completed a 560 hour teacher training certificate when I decided I wanted to pursue TriYoga Basics Certification. I intend to continue with Level 1 within 12 months. The systematic approach of TriYoga makes me feel very confident as a teacher.”   Genevra Petito

 “I did my teacher training in TriYoga because I loved the flow and the energy it would bring in me, to the point that I just wanted to be able to share it with others. I first got certified in Basics. With this, I was fully prepared to start teaching while I continued my formation through the teacher training for levels 1 and 2.  Thanks to this formation, now the energetic flow I can feel when I practice isn’t only within me, but it can expand to others as well. To me, this is a superb gift I’ve received from this life through TriYoga.”  Roser Sauri, Barcelona, Spain