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Moving Through Loss

6 Week Series Begins September 25

Moving Through Loss is a six week program that combines movement through Nia, education and group support for people who have suffered loss.

When we experience grief it is an emotional and physical experience. The heart hurts as does the body. In this series we will have experiences that create awareness of where in the body we are holding the pain, and move the energy through the healing practice of Nia.  The workshop format provides time to talk about what is happening in our bodies and our lives.

To learn more about Nia you can go to www.Nianow.com .

Who Should Attend?  

Anyone who experienced any type of loss in their lives and people who want to deepen their healing process.


  • Receive emotional support
  • Learn to use the body as a source for healing physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • Increase body awareness
  • Feel part of a community and less alone in your healing process

When: Sundays 6:30—8:30 pm

Cost: 6 weeks $108; Drop-in $20.
Participants are encouraged to sign up for the whole series for group continuity.

To pre-register for this course call: 781-609-2497.

Robyn Maltz is a clinical social worker who has been in practice for over 30 years with a specialty in self image disorders and post traumatic stress disorder. Her passion is helping clients to understand the connnection between their emotions and their physical sensations. She has taught workshops for the last 16 years on mind-body wellness at Kripalu and several other healing centers in New England.

Robyn is a Black Belt certified Nia Instructor. She has served as a mentor for many of the Nia teachers in the boston area. She holds a certificate in Mind-Body Health Counseling and has completed a 400-hour Raja Vinyasa yoga teacher training. To learn more about Robyn go to: www.embodyyourbeauty.com