60 Prospect Street, Waltham, MA


Special Offers

One month unlimited classes $108


New Students – 2 weeks unlimited $30 

Go Beyond Your Usual Practice 

Join the July or August challenge. Do 12 classes during the month and win a T-Shirt or water bottle.  Discover the power of a daily yoga practice. Challenge included in your summer membership or class pass.  

July 8 – 14 and August 2-10 – Prana Vidya Immersion. Every morning 7 am Prana Vidya and Meditation. At the center or live on Facebook. Free for all members. 

Go Beyond Limiting Thoughts

Turiya is pure consciousness, beyond the 3 ordinary states of consciousness, in “which the mind manifests itself”. Discover the power of the Sutras and how you can go beyond the limits of your thoughts.

This summer join TriYoga Boston reading the Sutras. There is an opportunity to sign up for 15 hours of live recordings of Kaliji’s commentary. For each sutra, Kaliji wrote an explanatory sutra. She has the ability to make even the most esoteric yoga philosophy understandable, relatable, and even transformative. There will be weekly Facebook discussions.


Go Beyond Health Limitations

August 14 – Global Yoga Therapy Day.  

Free half hour Yoga Therapy sessions. Sign up early.

We are also offering a Free the Spine class for PTs and Chiropractors. Help us get the word out about the benefits of yoga for back pain. Invite your PT or Chiropractor and receive a water bottle. There will also be a media event. If you have benefited from Yoga Therapy at the center and would be willing to speak with media please let us know.


Wellness Services at the Center. Go beyond your health limitations. We offer Yoga Therapy, Massage, Sound and Energy Healing, Functional Range Conditioning, and Ayurveda consultations. 


Classes for beginners through advanced, Free the Spine, Yoga, Wellness & Parkinson's, Chair Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation, Yoga Nidra

Therapeutic Services

Yoga Therapy, Ayurvedic Counseling, A Time for Healing Therapeutic Massage

Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Basics Teacher Training, 300 Hour Level 1 and 2 TriYoga Training, continuing education

Workshops & Events

Healing Workshops, Community Events, Teacher Training Workshops

TriYoga Boston

Do you want to feel better? Are you healing from injury or surgery? Seeking better pain control? Interested in improving chronic disease? Managing stress?  Seeking life transformation?

We can help. 

TriYoga Boston is a nonprofit that promotes health and wellbeing through yoga classes, workshops and retreats, educates yoga teachers and health professionals.

Beginner or advanced, we have a class for you!

Experience the healing and transformative power of TriYoga



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This new center is beautiful, serene and wonderful in every way. And, best of all, it reflects the style of yoga that is practiced here.

About 5 years ago, after a five year hiatus of not doing yoga, and a number of knee operations and too frequent cortisone shots, I went to a number of yoga classes in various venues including gyms. When I complained to my son in California about how unsatisfying they were -- a series of asanas unconnected to each other and taught by different teachers with different styles every time-- he said to me, "Well pops, you are in luck because one of the 6 TriYoga centers in the US (although there are many in other countries) is located in Waltham, 7 miles from your house.

I went to one class, got hooked, and have never looked back.  All the teachers are great, and I go 4- six times a week, my overall health has improved and I haven't had a cortisone shot in years.

Michael B.